About Audio>Pursuit

Audio>Pursuit is dedicated to finding and reviewing quality audio at any price point. Though don't expect to see any uber-expensive gear. Our passion lay in with pieces that don't require a second mortgage.  

Nor will you see scientific measurements, not because we are anti-science. We whole-heartily value and recognize the critical importance of measurements and other scientific data it takes to build quality audio gear.  The truth is, we don't have the equipment or training to accurately measure the pieces reviewed.  With pride we stand with honest subjectivity, using our ears, time, various music, and equipment to reveal the qualities and sonic capabilities of every piece of gear any the staff of Audio>Pursuit reviews. 

Jeff Brown was the former Editor-In-Chief of Affordable$$Audio. He is a technology supervisor for a So. California school district, and dreams of living on the central Oregon coast. 

Mark Marcantonio was the founder and publisher of Affordable$$Audio, as well as staff writer for the excellent TONEAudio magazine. He is a secondary teacher deep in the canyon land of central Oregon.