KEF LSX II Powered Wireless Speakers: YouTube Review


The KEF LSX II powered bookshelf/desktop speakers are designed for the lifestyle market. All you need is a wall socket, phone, and a wifi router and you're set. Listening/Review time after break-in: 37 hours. Overall: The KEF LSX II are a true lifestyle speaker meant for the simplicity desired by plug -in & play owner. The KEF Connect app deserves an award for its powerful, user-friendly capability. The LSX II's are pure magic with Tito Puente and other percussion-friendly artists. KEF has taken the mini powered speakers to a whole new level of capability and enjoyment. Pros: KEF's signature musicality, very good imaging, fantastic app for setup/streaming, plenty of power, multitude of input controls, can be used with a separate DAC. Cons: Needs a subwoofer for true full impact, sounds smeared with music tainted by loudness wars. Placement: For music- 24 inch Celestion si stands approximately 15 inches out from the front wall. Movies- On either side of the TV credenza. Price: $999pr (