Vera-Fi Audio VBH-1 Isolation Feet: YouTube & Mini-Review

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Mini-Review. Watch the video for the full review. Vibration is the enemy. While all of us are aware of sounds that tell us that something isn't tightly screwed, clamped, nailed, or leveled. A Braun electric toothbrush will prove that real quick. Between the type of spikes on the bottom of speaker bases or stands, to the various creative cones or feet on the bottom of higher end audio gear, isolating vibration is a known quest in audio world.

After market isolation bases though, have been relegated to high-end world of our hobby, with prices to match. The budget hawks have found contentment with hacks such as hockey pucks. Well, a middle ground has appeared in the form of the VBH-1 by Vera-Fi Audio's collaboration visionary Mark Schifter and scientist Dr. Viet Nguyen. Each isolator comes in two parts, a small metal cone that is adheared via a two-way sticky tab on the bottom side of the equipment. The base is a multi-layered approach of steel/nylon/polymer/silicone. From the cone tip, to the receptical material of the base top followed by the sandwich of materials, the VBH-1 is a winning high school physics experiment.

The VBH-1 is a new isolation concept based on multiple stages of mechanical isolation that just works. By using various materials, each layer will be unable to transmit some of the vibrations that become a form of energy that creates sound, thus cleaning up the sound. In other words creating a vibration black hole, which is in fact is the full name of VBH.

Unwanted frequency vibrations increase as the volume of the music rises. Once installed on the bottom of my Technics SL-J2 turntable with a Pickering 3003 cartridge, I made sure to seriously pressurize my small 11x11 listening space. The difference before and after installing the VBH-1's, while not tremendous was/is obvious to my ears (I take plenty of notes during any review). Albums such as Donald Fagan's Morph the Cat with it's strong bass notes throughout, proved the value of the VBH-1's.

At just $199 for a set of four, the VBH-1's provide a tremendous value per dollar compared to other aftermarket solutions. The VBH-1's are a valued and permanent addition to my audio system!